Personal Branding with Dan Cohen

Personal Branding with Dan Cohen

In todays landscape where there is social distancing, people are not going to conferences as often, and branding yourself digitally is more important than ever for your brand, you company and yourself.
Learn the importance of having a personal brand and how to do it with Dan Cohen, founder of Full Court Press.
In this session we discuss how to treat yourself like a business when it comes to branding. Starting with defining an audience, building a strategy, deciding on channels, and all the way through creating your content and distributing it.

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  1. Please send worksheet. I’m the Exec. Director of the San Francisco Estuary Institute (based in Richmond, CA) a 70 person science institute – a non advocacy, boundary organization that works at the intersection of environmental policy and science….and hopefully (increasingly social justice for disadvantaged communities). 510-375-2141

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